Dollar Store What?

Have you been into a Dollar Store lately?

I never thought that so many items could be priced so low. Who knew? And like most people, we try to save everywhere we can in order to make each dollar go farther and Dollar Stores seem like the perfect answer. However, here is the problem as I see it.

First, very few of the items in these stores, other than some food, are made in China or some other slave- labor country. Supporting these stores not only ensures that manufacturing in this great country of Canada continues to leave as it can't compete, but also ensures that countries like China and other slave-driven countries continue to grow. This is the very thing that got our country into such financial trouble, and will ensure our children and grandchildren continue to suffer under this burden—not to mention taxes, but that is a story for another time.

Second, the quality of the items in these stores on average is usually second rate at best, and will not hold up to higher quality items. I know that the candles I saw in these stores were poor quality, paraffin candles that were barely half-filled and full of everything you don't want in your home.

Third, the idea of “quantity over quality” is really no way to live. It is this very philosophy that has hooked so many on easy credit and to carry debt loads that are barely manageable. I guess I am a little nostalgic and still long for times when life just seemed so much simpler. 



Penelope Lalonde
Penelope Lalonde


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