The Benefits of Natural Scents and Sprays

Sprays are fluid droplets that are formed through a process called atomisation and dispersed in gaseous form. They are generated by a spray nozzle. They are used to distribute liquid material over a surface area and often to generate a liquid surface-area. They are applied in agriculture, industry, cosmetics, painting and insecticides. They are used for killing insects, painting surfaces, applying herbicides on plants, steel production, mining gold and other precious metals, paper-making, foods and beverages, electrical power generation, gas turbines, for burning fuels in jet engines, cleaning surfaces and in the electronics industry – just to mention but a few!

Aerosols are substances which contain tiny insoluble particles that are distributed throughout other substances usually gas or liquids. They can either be natural or artificial. Natural aerosols include forest exudates, geyser streams and fogs. Artificial aerosols include dust particles, air pollutants, haze and smoke. They are used in dispersing insecticides, calibrating measuring instruments, conducting research, testing, sampling, filtering air, air fresheners, treatment of respiratory sicknesses and in the fuel-injection systems of combustion applications such as the internal combustion engines of cars. They are generated by atomizer nozzles, electronic cigarettes, aerosol sprays, nebulizer, electro-spray and vibrating-orifice aerosol generators.

Artificial Sprays and Aerosols are such as Febreeze can be extremely dangerous due to the following factors:

  • They interfere with the ability of the human nose to smell. They do so by releasing the chemical Methoxychlor that coats the nasal cavity with a thin oily film or by paralysing the olfactory nerves thereby inhibiting their capacity to transmit signals from the nose to the brain, making it impossible for the nose to identify the smell. If this persists for long, the ability of the nose to identify smell can be permanently inhibited.
  • They have a very toxic chemical composition. Most contain the following chemicals: Benzene, Formaldehyde, Methoxychlor, Paradychlorobenzene, Phenol, Pthalates and Styrene. They can cause disruptions of the hormonal activity in the body, cause irritations to the body and nausea along with other physical discomforts.
  • Given the fact that most of them contain Chlorofluorocarbons, they are destructive to the ozone layer. The safety and the sanctity of human life on the Planet Earth is therefore compromised in the long run since at some point, future generations will have to pay for the mistakes we commit. These fumes can be destructive to the lungs when inhaled, irritate the eyes, and discolour clothes, besides being dangerous to the ozone layer and the atmosphere at large.
  • They are ineffective as they do not deal with the root cause of the problem, but rather inhibit your ability to detect the problem – and indeed, more besides!

For these reasons, natural sprays and scents should be your preferred option. They have the following advantages:

  • They are eco-friendly because unlike their artificial counterparts, they have no toxic chemicals in them. They thus help in conserving the environment for future generations.
  • They are safe for kids. This is the case due to the fact that they have no toxic chemicals in their composition and given the fact also that they do not invade the cuticles (the outer linings of hair, skin or plants) when sprayed. They can thus be inhaled or sprayed accidentally on hands, open wounds or even eyes at whatever quantity without the same dangers.
  • They are very effective when used properly. They are only designed for the particular tasks that they are originally made for and hence they do not perform “unauthorised functions”. A natural air-freshener for example will not serve the purpose intended for an insecticide. This guards against accidents caused by artificial sprays.
  • They can have health benefits. Scientific research has revealed that coconut oils for example, can be used for skin treatment alongside other therapy
  • They have extra economic value since they can be used as ornaments. Some natural aerosols like lavender, cedar and pine can be used to decorate homes and rooms.

In order to help people access more natural, sustainable aerosols, Skore Candle was formed. It is a Canadian-based store that stocks all the top of the range natural aerosols from all the major manufacturers and suppliers throughout North America and Canada. They can be accessed via their website:

Their products have or guarantee the following core advantages:

  • 100% Pure-Soybean Wax candles
  • High Quality, Lead Free Pure Cotton Core Wicks
  • Absolutely 0% Petroleum, Paraffin or Pal By-products
  • Zero Additive and Zero Dye for super-clean optimum burns
  • Fragrances that contain no Phthalates; Kosher &Vegan-Certified Fragrances
  • No animal tested products and properly-sourced components.

By way of illustration, Skore Candle stocks the following high quality, natural products:

  • The Green Tea and Cucumber Soy Candle – this is a clean and freshly-blended organic soy-wax candle which is supported by a cucumber base. It produces the smell of green tea when burned. It is certified by the Kosher Bureau of Certification and the Vegan Bureau of Certifications respectively. It contains no genetically modified organisms and burns without soot of unpleasant smoke.
  • The Succulent Chocolate Soy Candle – this is a natural candle that is based on a succulent chocolate base. It has a very creamy and milky chocolate texture to it and produces a wonderful chocolate aroma when burned. It contains no Pthalate, is certified by both the Kosher and Vegan Bureaus of Certification respectively, contains no Genetically Modified Organisms and is 100% natural and toxin free.
  • Private Paradise Soy Candles – these are a perfect blend of juicy, sweet pineapple nectar with bright succulent, fresh peach that is infused with exotic Yuzu-flower and a Tahitian vanilla. It contains no Pthalate, is also certified by the Kosher and Vegan Bureaus of Certification, can be poured on hand and is GMO free.

It is important to note that the list above is by no means exhaustive; Skore Candle have many, high quality, natural scented products that are just waiting to compliment any room in your home. You can find more information regarding their extensive range of products by visiting their website at the following address:

Brad Lalonde
Brad Lalonde


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