Why Should I Do Fundraising with Skore Candle?

Why Should I Do Fundraising with Skore Candle?

For most organizations, fundraising is a challenging endeavor because there is a tendency to offer the same items year after year. Not only are most of the products offered in fundraising mundane and uninspiring, but they are also typically not very good for you. Remember, the products you offer in your fundraising efforts should be as unique as your organization is and have the same high-quality standards. Effectively, the fundraising offering is a direct representation of you.

With so many different fundraising products and services from which to choose, why choose Skore Candle for your next fundraising project?

The answer is simple. We offer you...

- the highest quality Canadian-Made pure soy candles and soy melts that uses 100% renewable soy wax
a clean-burning, practically soot-free, non-toxic 100% bio-degradable candle
a candle that is made from renewable sources, making them safe for the environment
- an affordable product that people use regularly in their homes
a product that is unique and sure to be a hit with your organization and customers

Moreover, 7 out of 10 households regularly use candles in their homes, which takes away the "hard sell", giving you greater returns in your fundraising efforts.

And, most importantly, the question you need to ask yourself is: "How much money does our organization actually keep in our fundraising efforts?" You'll be pleased to know that with Skore Candle, your organization keeps 40% of all proceeds collected!

Groups That Can Benefit from Fundraising with Skore Candle

While any organization or group can benefit from fundraising with Skore Candle, here are just a few suggestions to consider.

- Sports Teams - Hockey / Baseball / Football / Soccer / Martial Arts / Volleyball etc.
Health and Wellness organizations(e.g. Cancer Society / Heart and Stroke)
- Schools - All ages and grades, all private and public
- School Clubs - Band / Glee / Cheer-leading / Chess / Theater etc.
- Churches and Religious Organizations
- Boys and Girls organizations or associations
- Day Care Centers
- Dance Studios
- Shriners Club, or clubs of any kind
- Animal Shelters and SPCA Organizations
- Senior Citizen Groups and Organizations
- Or any Group or Organization looking to raise money

Please contact us at either info@skorecandle.com or by phone at 705-242-2177 to discuss your fundraising initiative.

If you already have a campaign and are looking for our online fundraising link click here


Penelope Lalonde
Penelope Lalonde


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