Scented Soy Candles & Wax Melt Dots

Skore Candle Two Wick soy candle

The two-wick square candle sensation

Our two-wick square soy candle has taken the nation by storm! Why? It’s simple really, two wicks are definitely better than one!

Anyone can make a round candle, that’s why we don’t. We offer a unique, large 13.5 oz two-wick square scented candle that’s sure to enhance your home or business.

Just like our Wax Melt Dots, every scented soy candle is loaded with our proprietary oil blends, ensuring a perfect scented candle every time.

Perfect for meditation, yoga or the spa

We are proud to introduce our new Luxsray collection of Soy Candles.

Using the same zero-compromise standards you expect from Skore, Luxsray soy candles are the perfect size, and an excellent choice for meditation, yoga, or spa time.

Each Spa collection Candle scent is chosen for it’s unique aroma melt times and scent characteristics.

We know you’ll love them!

How do we make them so amazing?

Simple, we use nothing but the purest and cleanest soy wax available; no colours, stabilizers or fillers.

And to get their heavenly scents, we infuse each dot with our proprietary oil blends.

Each wax tart can be melted in any wax warmer.

Value. Our large 21 count, 6.8 oz bag of soy dots is almost 3 times as much as a standard plastic clamshell melt. Now that’s value!