Our Philosophy


The Soy Difference

100% Sustainability

Proudly Canadian

Soy wax comes from the Soy Bean Plant and is 100% natural. At Skore Candle, we use only the purest natural Soy wax available--all the components of this wax come from the plant itself and contain no fillers of any kind. We guarantee that it contains NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and is Kosher certified.


Why do we want to avoid paraffin? Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product. It is refined gasoline. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, paraffin wax is harmful when burned and contains toxins, two that are considered above the excess cancer risk with multiple exposures.


At Skore Candle, we use only 100% Lead-free cotton core wicks in all of our candles. Currently, there is only candle-manufacturing country that bans wicks containing lead--USA.


Be careful when buying candles from manufacturers that do not label their components.


At a time when natural resources are being consumed at an alarming rate, we promise to use sustainable, renewable ingredients and are always searching for recycled and recyclable packaging.


In an age where pollution is worse than ever, we will use the most natural ingredients possible and operate with business practices that preserve our water, land and air quality for our children and the future of the planet.


In a world when the human resource is still undervalued, we will only deal with companies that practice social sustainability, fair work place conditions and fair wages.


With globalism taking away so many local jobs, Skore Candle is Proudly Canadian owned and operated. You will never have to worry about supporting slave labour with Skore Candle as we manufacture all of our candles right here in Barrie, Ontario Canada.


The satisfaction of each and every customer is of utmost importance to us. We stand by the quality of our products with a full, money-back guarantee.


We only hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do.