Looking to purchase Skore Candle products for your retail store? There is no cost to sign up for a wholesale account, but you must complete the following steps and read our Terms and Conditions below:

1. Submit your simple application here. Please be sure to select the "Wholesale" option.

2. We will review your application and advise you within 48-72 hours of your submission. Any application that does not provide contact information will be ignored.

3. Upon approval of your application, you will be granted wholesale login access. Please send an email to info@skorecandle.com if you need quicker approval or if you encounter any problems.

4. After your application has been approved, every order you place must meet the following criteria to activate your wholesale discount, which you'll view as you browse our online shop:

-you must be signed in to your account to see wholesale pricing and to place your order

-your total order must meet our $200 retail price minimum (a $25 shipping fee or cancellation of the order may result)

-a $15 shipping fee will be applied to all Ontario orders and $25 shipping charge applied to all other province orders


Terms and Conditions

1. Candles will be sold in a retail environment.

2. Minimum order will always be $200 on retail pricing.

3. Coupons, discounts, special or flat-rate shipping offers (even if offered at checkout) are not valid on wholesale orders. If you add any coupons or special offers to a wholesale order, they will be ignored.

4. Orders are prepaid with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) or Paypal, We do not offer open accounts, C.O.D.s, or billing terms at this time.

5. We make best efforts to keep all items in stock, but since our products are hand-made we do sometimes run out of certain items. We will contact you and offer an alternative if a delay results and is longer than anticipated.

6. We take pride in all the products we make and sell, but if there is a problem with what you have ordered, please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your order. After 72 hours of confirmed receipt of your order, we will deem your order complete and without error.

7. Unless an error has occurred, we will not exchange goods or cancel your order if you have simply changed your mind. If goods are damaged in transit, we will replace the item or refund that item at our discretion. If a shipping error has occurred, we will correct the problem or refund the items at our cost and discretion. 

 8. For larger orders that require LTL, will be contacted you as shipping prices may need to be adjusted. We reserve the right to adjust shipping charges as necessary in order to cover our costs. We will notify you by phone or email if the shipping is more than your order confirmation. Typically when your shipment has to be packaged in more than one box, it may change the shipping cost. Our shopping cart is calibrated as retail and cannot calculate large orders correctly. We ship UPS, Canada Post, Fed-Ex, and Purolator and receive special shipping discounts from 30-60% off published rates; you are never charged handling fees.

9. All candles are individually hand-poured. As with any handcrafted product, slight variances (especially in color) may occur and are a natural part of the “handmade” process.

10. All Regular Priced products on our website are available at wholesale prices. Your wholesale account will receive one discount for candle products and another discount for accessories.

11. The retail price you charge is any price your particular market or geographical area will bear. You may decide to charge more for the candles than what is listed on our retail website.

12. Wholesale candle products will bear the Skore Candle name and logo and contact information. We encourage our customers to purchase our candles through our retailers. We do offer private labeling that has none of our information. You can contact us for more information about private- and custom-labeling programs.

13. You provide the means to display the candles and accessories.

14. Wholesale prices are based on discounts off our retail prices. Our retail prices are subject to change without notice to you.

15. Wholesale accounts not active for 12 months may be deleted.

16. Check this agreement periodically for updates and changes. This agreement may be amended at any time by us without specific notice to you. The latest agreement will be posted on the website, and you should review this agreement prior to using the website.

17. Your Wholesale account is non-transferable and must never be shared with anyone. Violation of this point will result in immediate deletion of your account and any pending orders will not be shipped to you or refunded.