Why Should I Carry Skore Candle in My Retail Location?
With so many product opportunities from which to choose, how can Skore Candle help your bottom line?

We know how tough it is to improve the bottom line. As a retailer, you are looking for products that are staples in most households, are a consumable (hence repeat sales), are high quality and unique in helping you stand out from the pack.

Another important point to consider is the changing demands of consumers. As highly-renowned trends forecaster Gerald Celente states in his Trends Research Journal:

“Not Made In China: A Buy Local, My Country First protectionist backlash will deliver a big No to unrestrained globalism and open solid niches for local and domestic manufacturers.”

Celente’s trend is happening right now. More and more consumers and businesses alike are looking for high-quality, locally-made products that are fairly priced and keep jobs and dollars in their communities. We, at Skore Candle, not only manufacturer our candles here in Barrie Ontario Canada, but also we make it our highest priority to ensure that we responsibly source all of our components from as many local companies as possible.

So why Skore Candle?
As a retailer, you are looking for products that are in demand, that people naturally buy, and require no selling on your part. Candles are one such item. In fact, National Statistics show that 7 out of 10 households burn candles on a regular basis. So why resell our candles?

The answer is simple. We offer you…
– the highest quality Canadian-Made pure soy candles and melts that use 100% renewable soy wax
– a clean-burning, practically soot-free, soy candle and soy melt
– an affordable product that people use regularly in their homes and businesses
– a product that is unique and sure to be a hit with your organization and customers
- low $350 minimum order requirement
-And, most importantly, the question you need to ask yourself is: “How does this product help my bottom line?” You’ll be pleased to know that with Skore Candle, your company will benefit from our aggressive wholesale pricing. Wholesale discounts start at 30%